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The Team who evolve Financial Comparison

The fantastic employees that make
Digitonomy unique

With over 120 years combined experience in Comparison sites and Financial Services, we’d like to think we’re pretty good at what we do. The Digitonomy team has focused its efforts into evolving Financial Comparison from simple but inaccurate ‘Best Buy’ tables to REAL personalised results for consumers and businesses alike.

Within Digitonomy’s Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer propositions the Design, UX and Product teams have worked tirelessly to understand problems customers face in finding financial products and transacting online. The teams have then designed and developed journeys to simplify what for the most part can be complex financial decisions allowing the customer to transparently choose the product which is right for their needs.

However, a great customer proposition also needs great partnerships. So Digitonomy’s commercial teams have close-working relationships with many third parties ranging from the some of the biggest UK lenders right through to our marketing partnerships with the likes of Google and Facebook.

The Directors and Senior Team

Over 120 years of financial services experience

Digitonomy was founded in 2013 in response to financial comparison opportunities largely ignored by the mainstream aggregators. Digitonomy focused on helping near-prime customers compare and find finance in a transparent and clear way. Digitonomy’s innovative and technology-led approach meant it quickly became the market-leader and regularly tops the Google search leader board ahead of its FTSE quoted competitors. However Digitonomy is diversifying and growing its range of financial service comparison sites - vertically and horizontally. After all, Imagine if ASOS has stuck to only selling white T-shirts….

“We’re obsessed with funnels, data and conversion. We’re all about getting results, and with over 100 years combined experience in Financial Services, we’d like to think we’re pretty good at what we do”

Tim Moss

Tim Moss,

Managing Director

Gary Solomon,

Technical Director

Chris Sumner,

Marketing Director

Lucy Broughton,

Lawyer/Head of Compliance

Graham Lloyd,

Head of Development

Paul Wilson,

Head of Partnerships

Digitonomy Ltd.

The UK's largest loan broker

Digitonomy’s financial comparison sites have been developed to address consumer’s needs in finding real rates for Loans, Mortgages and Credit Cards. All 8 sites deliver the customer certainty of being ‘accepted’ and don’t base decisioning on out of date modelling or simple ‘best buy’ tables which have become the normal on the larger comparison sites. Digitonomy has just taken its 10 millionth application for finance – so it must be doing something right!

“Technology is at the core of our business. We have passion, drive and creativity – but none of that would work without having the right people.”

Gary Solomon

Comparison Ltd.

The UK’s fastest growing B2B comparison site.

Business Comparison.com was launched in 2014 to help small businesses find and compare better value products than going to their own bank. ‘SMEs’ and ‘micro businesses’ have been largely ignored by the large comparison sites, leaving an opportunity for the team to grow without significant competition. Business Comparison has won many awards for its efforts and continues to be one of the fastest growing comparison sites in the UK.

“British businesses are the life blood of the economy, our mission is a simple one; to help businesses save time and money. Using our experience from the establish retail comparison market, we are constantly working news ways to help SME’s compare.”

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For the consumer market

Digitonomy Ltd

Under Digitonomy’s umbrella, the Team have designed and developed several online comparison propositions. Predominantly based around consumer lending, this collection of comparison sites drive over 15,000 applications per day to banks and lending organisations in the UK. Digitonomy is looking to expand overseas using its unique matching and comparison technology.

Little Loans

Little Loans helps find instant decision loans between £100 and £10,000 over 3 to 60 months.

Compare Credit Cards

Compare and find credit cards you are eligible for with no obligation. Whatever type of card you’re looking for, we can help.

Loans Hub

Loans hub is a secured loan website for homeowners looking to borrow anything up to £100,000.


One of the UK’s oldest online credit brokers, now within the Digitonomy Group.

Helpful Holly

Helpful Holly is here to help people with debt get back in control of their finances and live a better life.


For the SME market

Business Comparison Ltd.

Business Comparison is here to help businesses no matter how big or small. We strive to find the right solution for you. We found that as business owners ourselves, finding the best option is not easy to do online. We felt we could do better and provide a comparison service for all small-to-medium sized businesses.

Business Accounts

A filtered journey making it simple to find the right bank account for any business circumstances or requirements.

Van Insurance

Online fully optimised van insurance comparison journey, helping the 4m+ van users across the UK.

Business Loans

This solution helps SME’s find finance. With access to high street banks and alternative finance options.

Business Energy

Using our online energy comparison tool businesses can save on average 40% on their existing bills.

Business Assets

The Asset finance market is a growing sector, we look to help British businesses fund new machinery and equipment to keep businesses competitive.A

Business Invoice

The Invoice finance finder is invaluable to businesses especially for those with longer payment terms from their buyers. .

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We brainstorm a proposition - looking at the target market and trends that we should take into account.



At this point we start looking into the logistics of implementing the best ideas from the brainstorming session.



User research is a key part of our process, and we do a lot of research into the type of people we are looking to target.



Using user data and insight from our testing processes, we make any improvements to our journey.



Our acquisition team work their magic – using conversion funnels and sophisticated data to influence their decisions.



From here, it’s an on-going process of reacting to live data to ensure our strategy and site are fully optimised.



average page views per day

That's over

14 million

page views per year...


An average of

£4.5 million

worth of secured loans

requested per month...


millionevery year



reports on an
average day

so the average
per week...


which is an astounding



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How we work with our partners

We build and own all of our sites - we run our own sites and manage our own campaigns.

We create our own sites to generate customer footfall for specially selected partners. Generally, that process begins with us choosing a new market we’d like to move into, whether that be business finance or life insurance. We then find the right partners for that market from our arsenal of industry contacts and by doing plenty of further research

Want to work with us?

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A great idea for a new site that you don’t have the resources to produce?

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And the winner is...

After being nominated for not one but TWO national awards at the SME Awards 2016 the team here at Businesscomparison.com are celebrating being crowned SME Website of the Year 2016.

This is the recognition our team deserve. They’ve worked tirelessly over the past year to form new partnerships, redesign the site and launch a successful radio and taxi advertising campaign.”

Philip Brennan, Head of Businesscomparison.com

Business Information

We are a fully licensed authorised credit broker, and as such, we are fully registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and other associated authorities, so you can be sure that when you work with us, we are a trustworthy and secure company.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial

Conduct Authority. Reference number: 690249

Registration number ZA007309

A few of our partners

Latest News

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All Car Finance takes the market by storm - brand new innovative technology never before seen in the UK!

Digitonomy’s latest venture in the world of finance is in the lucrative market of car finance. Tim Moss, Director of Digitonomy said ‘We felt it was time for the public to take control of their car finance. They’ve been tragically under-represented in this market, and we’re giving them the chance of taking the power back from the dealers and large finance providers and making an informed decision about their car finance"

The AutoQuote technology used on Allcarfinance is brand new, developed directly by Digitonomy this year and is designed to find customers confirmed car finance quotes using a soft search – so there’s no impact on their credit score!

Life insurance is no longer a chore - Life Hub’s easy journey is ‘a delight’!

Local sources have praised the new journey developed by Digitonomy for users looking for life insurance prices online. As one of the first brokers able to generate genuine online quotes for customers, the Lifehub system has been deemed ‘a delight’ to use. Designed to work seamlessly on any device, LifeHub has taken a great deal of developer time to create – effort that seems to have paid off with such fantastic reviews.

LifeHub’s simple quote tool takes a previously onerous job and turned it into an enjoyable (and quick!) experience for the customer. And not only that, the deals with top life insurance providers ensure the customer gets the best price for their insurance.

Business energy channel goes live on businesscomparison.com

Small and medium sized businesses across the UK are being offered a lifeline when it comes to saving money on energy thanks to a new partnership between Businesscomparison.com and Love Energy Savings. The two North-West based companies are pleased to announce that they’ll be working together to help business owners and decision makers access the best energy deals online.

The collaboration represents a unique opportunity for users with Love Energy Savings offering Businesscomprison.com customers a £1,000 cashback if they can’t beat their exiting renewal quote*. Love Energy Savings have already passed on over £66million worth of savings to over 48,000 UK homes and businesses. Love Energy Savings Managing Director, Phil Foster says the recent partnership with Businesscomparison.com represents a phase in their growth.

Join our talented team

Interested in joining our talented digital team? We work hard to create some of the most interesting, disruptive plays in the industry and are always looking for other like-minded souls to join us. We offer competitive salaries and excellent bonus schemes, not to mention Bupa healthcare cover.

So if you have a passion for everything digital or have an idea that you’d like to talk to us about, then get in touch